The Session

Class of 2019
Jason Cherry
Frank Hall
Janice Hendrix
Jenks Jenkins
Steve Jefferson
Laura Pressly

Class of 2020
Cindy Angel
June Cummings
David Fillippeli
George Jenkins
Michael Martin
Cathy Wooten

Class of 2021
Sidney Baker
David Mills
Patricia Noble
Joy Shortell
Ray Scott Spence
Scott Williams

2019 Committee Chairs
Administration: David Fillippeli
Congregational Care: David Mills
Congregational Fellowship: Janice Hendrix
Education and Nurture: Gina Mackey
Facilities: Ted Berry
Finance and Stewardship: Scott Williams
Membership Growth: Laura Pressly
Mission and Outreach: Ann Cherry
Worship and Music: J. C. Carraway

To share a specific prayer concern or request or make known a particular concern or suggestion, please see any of the persons listed above who comprise the leadership of our church.