“What’s in Your Wallet?”

Matthew 22:15-22 I Thessalonians 1:1-10 “What’s in Your Wallet?” Introduction I have shared before about how I once served as acting executive for a presbytery, a council for all the Presbyterian churches in a particular region. One day I received a phone call from an elder in one of the churches.  He had a question: “Can we receive barbecue left … Read More

“Bridge the Gap”

“Bridge the Gap” Three images for the word bridge: First, a bridge is a structure built to span and provide passage over obstacles. Before we met Hurricane Matthew and saw how it washed over bridges and put ravines into highways, we already knew the importance of bridges. We depend on bridges on a daily basis to give us mobility and accessibility.  … Read More

“…Has Done For, In and Through Us” by Dr. Bill Stanley

“…Has Done For, In and Through Us” Psalm 126; 2 Timothy 4:6-8, 16-18 By Bill Stanley October 23, 2016 It was perhaps as early as the fall of 1890, that the Reverend John C. McMullen rode into Kinston on horseback. He was an evangelist for the newly formed Albemarle Presbytery and has been described as “a minister of decided opinions” … Read More

“Continue in Your Faith”

2 Timothy 3:14-4:5 “Continue in Your Faith” Introduction Thirteen and a half years ago when I announced to my congregation in Gastonia, North Carolina, the piedmont part of the state, that I would be leaving to move to the eastern part of the state, they looked at me with disbelief. “Why?” they asked.  “Why would you move there?  There is … Read More

“Remember, Re-member”

2 Timothy 2:8-15 “Remember, Re-member” Introduction Paul the apostle is in jail, put there by the Romans for preaching that Jesus, not Caesar, was Lord.  Paul must be feeling that this is the end of his missionary travels, perhaps the end of his life, certainly that he will not be free again to travel and visit with his friend, Timothy. … Read More

“The Lord Has Done Great Things for Us”

Herbert Sugg arrived by birth in Kinston in 1932, the same year Dr. Harold Dudley came to be pastor of First Presbyterian Church.  When Herbert was growing up, the Sugg family had the pleasure of living across the street from the second site of First Presbyterian, the facilities constructed on the corner of Lenoir and College Streets. Six installed and … Read More