“Still Running”

In October of 1991 the Rev. Dr. Huw Christopher, former pastor of First Presbyterian, returned for the church’s Centennial Sunday and preached a sermon titled “Celebrating the Journey of Faith.” His text for the day was Hebrews 12:1, “Let us run with perseverance the race that is set before us looking to Jesus the pioneer and perfector of our faith.” … Read More

“Special Olympics”

Luke 13:10-17 “Special Olympics” Introduction When our son with disabilities was in school, he participated in Special Olympics. But I remember one time when the sport was swimming we were told Will would not be participating in the competition, because he did not have the ability. “Does not have the ability?” my husband asked.  “It’s Special Olympics.  How can anyone … Read More

“Anger, Fire, Transformation”

Luke 12:49-56 “Anger, Fire, Transformation” Introduction Jesus has been carrying out his ministry in the northern region of Galilee, but by today’s passage he is turning toward Jerusalem, thinking about what is ahead. And wherever he goes, crowds continue to gather and grow, because, well, people like him. He heals the sick; he casts out demons. We can imagine these … Read More

“Fear Not, Little Flock”

Luke 12:22-40 “Fear Not, Little Flock” Introduction It seems these days the media is working overtime to give us things, people, and places of which we should be afraid. Along with that we are being bombarded by emails and social media posts, you know the ones with titles in bold that use words like as “warning,” “desperate,” “urgent.” Then there … Read More

“Helping Kids During Elections”

            Our grandchildren were visiting with us during the recent political conventions.  One night our eight-year-old grandson watched some speeches on television with his grandfather.  Our grandson became so afraid and upset that he had difficulty going to sleep. My husband reassured him, “Regardless who is elected, the nation is going to be o.k.  I have lived a long time,” … Read More

“The Church Is Not Dying”

     In the midst of the crises, stresses, and confusions of this hot summer, I have had the privilege of hanging out with some remarkable young people. First with Youth Advisory Delegates and Young Adult Volunteers at the Presbyterian General Assembly, then with hundreds of senior highs at a Youth Week at our Presbyterian Montreat Conference Center, and then with … Read More