“If God Forgives You, I Forgive You”

Luke 7:36-50 “If God Forgives You, I Forgive You” Introduction Jesus is invited to dine at the home of one of the leading citizens of Jerusalem, a devoutly practicing, scripture-reading, very religious Pharisee named Simon. Now Jesus has knocked heads with the Pharisees.  He has dared to challenge their exclusive, self-righteous practices.  And evidently when Jesus comes into the courtyard … Read More

“Rise and Find Life”

Luke 7:11-17 “Rise and Find Life” Introduction I was working in the hospital one night as on-call chaplain when the page came: “Trauma team to the Emergency Department.” In the unit we were informed that we were receiving three traumas by airlift from a motor vehicle crash in a rural community toward the coast.  The first trauma was coded green, … Read More