“Just As I Have Loved You”

John 13:31-35 “Just As I Have Loved You” The setting for our gospel lesson is an upstairs, or upper room, in Jerusalem, where Jesus has gathered with his disciples for a meal to celebrate the holy feast of Passover.  It would turn out to be the last meal Jesus would share with the disciples before his arrest and crucifixion. When … Read More

“Belonging and Believing”

John 10:22-30 “Belonging and Believing” Introduction History shows that people are continually looking for a Messiah.  That special person to come among them and do for them what they cannot do for themselves. In this country, we conduct such a search every four years.  This particular cycle we are looking, thinking, praying that a Messiah is going to come onto … Read More

“The Lord’s Breakfast”

John 21:1-19 “The Lord’s Breakfast” Introduction You have heard part one of our lesson for today, the account of Jesus appearing to the disciples and leading them to a miraculous catch of fish.  But this is not the only account of disciples fishing with Jesus and experiencing an amazing catch.  Back up three years in the narrative to another fishing … Read More

“He Comes Back”

John 20:19-31 “He Comes Back” Introduction Some of the most difficult times for me when I was a hospital chaplain came when patients wanted me to look at their injuries.  They wanted me to see the hole in their stomach, or their gangrene foot, or the container of bloody liquid that the tube had taken out of their chest.  I … Read More

“This We Know”

This We Know I read of a church who was considering placing an advertisement in the local newspaper inviting people to their Easter worship.  As church committees do, they went round and round discussing what to say to entice people to come.  How could they explain why Easter is so significant?  How could they present the empty tomb?  What kind … Read More