“My Soul Clings to You”

Psalm 63:1-8 “My Soul Clings to You” Introduction It is the third Sunday in Lent.  By now many of us have slipped in our Lenten disciplines.  We had a bad day, so we drank a cola or ate the dessert.  The weather was bad, and we did not make it to exercise.  The day was hectic, it got away from … Read More

“Wait for the Lord”

Psalm 27 “Wait for the Lord:  Be Strong, Take Heart” Introduction The 40 days and 6 Sundays of Lent are a time for discipline, meditation, prayer and waiting, waiting for a word from the Lord.  During this time I find myself often going to the psalms for a word from the Lord. Last week we looked at Psalm 91 and … Read More

“You Are My Refuge and My Fortress”

Psalm 91:1-2, 9-16 “You Are My Refuge and My Fortress” Introduction: It is no coincidence that on the first Sunday in Lent when we read a gospel account of the devil’s temptation of Jesus in the wilderness that we also read from Psalm 91.  Psalm 91 is about God’s protection for the faithful.  It says that those who trust in … Read More

“Is It OK to Pray for the Carolina Panthers?”

Across the years I have had the opportunity to pray about various subjects in various venues.  I have prayed for shrimp boats, restaurants, class rings, marching bands, backpacks, farmers and crops, houses, memorial plaques, and assorted pets. Then there are times I have prayed at sporting events.  I have prayed for no injuries, good sportsmanship, good performance, and lessons from … Read More