“All the Days of My Life”

Psalm 23:6 “All the Days of My Life” Introduction We have journeyed through Lent with the psalms. If you were not here this past Wednesday for the dedication of our prayer labyrinth, let me encourage you to pick up a bulletin from the service from one of the entrance areas. Take note of the litany of dedication and the psalms … Read More

“Come, and You Will See”

The caterpillar worms I ordered when snowed-in one wintry night were delivered, and I carefully placed their jars in a warm room. I watched in amazement as the worms ate, tripled in size and then changed to chrysalides and attached themselves to the tops of the jars. Still I did not believe that the transformation of those unattractive worms to … Read More

“Through the Valley of the Shadow”

Psalm 23:4 “Through the Valley of the Shadow” Introduction We are journeying through Lent with the psalms.  On Wednesday nights and for our special focus in worship we are looking at verses in the best known of the 150 psalms, Psalm 23.  Today our verse of focus is one of the most popular verses not only in this psalm but … Read More

Our Labyrinth

On Wednesday, March 25, 6:30 PM, we will dedicate our beautiful prayer labyrinth, giving glory to God and expressing appreciation to Eagle Scout Bryant Lee Cox and Boy Scout Troop 41. A labyrinth is a spiritual tool that offers a place to commune with God. For over 5000 years, humans have walked labyrinths for comfort, healing, wisdom and direction. The … Read More

“Right Paths”

  Psalm 23:3 “Right Paths” Introduction In his classic book God’s Psychiatry, the Rev. Charles Allen points out that our modern word “psychiatry” comes from two Greek words that mean (1) “mind” or “soul” and (2) “healing” or “treatment.” Together, they mean “the healing of the mind,” or, as the psalmist might have say, “the restoring of the soul.” And, … Read More

Green Pastures and Still Waters

Psalm 23:2 “Green Pastures and Still Waters” Introduction A colleague in ministry, Byron Wade, posted on Facebook this week a list of his “weather casualties,” things in his life canceled because of the weather. He listed twelve events, including preaching in chapel at Union Seminary in Richmond, the Ash Wednesday service at this church, the church family night supper, the … Read More